RIYL: Vulfpeck, Stuff, Joey Dosik

Label: Vulf

Less than a year after they squat thrusted their debut EP into your living rooms, Nate Smith, Joe Dart, Cory Wong and Mark Lettieri are back as Fearless Flyers.  It ain’t a side project when you can strongarm Disney and take The Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea as your own and come out the victor.  These ain’t the benchwarmers, folks.  You can always count on this foursome to hit the game winner.

If it’s the funky slap bass that tickles your sickle, the fresh-as-newly-washed-linens guitar riffage that awakes your snake or those sickeningly slick breakbeats that grope your fallopes, then you need The Fearless Flyers in your world.  Their first EP already commands a high price on the secondary market despite earning a pressing of over 4000 copies.  You have 11 days from this post to get yourself a slab of round 2, so don’t come a-bawlin’ to me if you snooze and lose.  Check out the newest track below and reserve your copy of the rekkid after the ‘buy’ link.  Keep that international shipping in mind though.

The Details


Flyer Direct
The Baal Shem Tov (feat. Joey Dosik)
Simon F15


Daddy, He Got a Cessna (feat. Chris Thile)
Swampers (feat. Chris Thile)
Hero Town

12" /// 180G HEAVY /// 45RPM

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Price $19.4

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