RIYL: Vulfpeck, Stuff, Joey Dosik

Label: Vulf

Less than a year after they squat thrusted their debut EP into your living rooms,¬†Nate Smith, Joe Dart, Cory Wong¬†and Mark Lettieri are back as Fearless Flyers.¬† It ain’t a side project when you can¬†strongarm Disney and take The Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea as your own¬†and come out the victor.¬† These ain’t the benchwarmers, folks.¬†¬†You can always count on this foursome to hit the game winner.

If it’s the funky slap bass that tickles your sickle, the fresh-as-newly-washed-linens guitar riffage that awakes your snake¬†or those sickeningly slick breakbeats that grope your fallopes, then you need¬†The Fearless Flyers in your world.¬† Their first EP already commands a high price on the secondary market despite earning a pressing of over 4000 copies.¬† You have 11 days from this post to get yourself a slab of round 2, so don’t come a-bawlin’ to me if you snooze and lose.¬† Check out the newest track below and reserve your copy of the rekkid after the ‘buy’ link.¬† Keep that international shipping in mind though.

The Details


Flyer Direct
The Baal Shem Tov (feat. Joey Dosik)
Simon F15


Daddy, He Got a Cessna (feat. Chris Thile)
Swampers (feat. Chris Thile)
Hero Town

12" /// 180G HEAVY /// 45RPM

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Price $19.4

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