‘Recorded in various apartments’ resonates with me more than ‘recorded in various studios’.  It implies something deeply personal is waiting for you, and it will be soaked in bedroom pop aesthetic.  Tape fuzz, slightly distorted highs and lows, refreshing simplicity to songwriting…it’s all there.  The fourth track I’m A Freak sound like a demo to a lost Vaselines album, a lofi folky trip that strums along with Ramone’s closet confessional so-honest-it’s-funny lyrics.  Like an old diner off a rural highway in the middle of nowhere, this is comfort food for the broken-hearted.

Stream the entire album for a limited time HERE.

The Details

Pre-order the debut full-length album, "The Time Has Come", from Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls / Babies). The initial pressing is limited to 300 on colored vinyl.

Former Vivian Girls frontwoman Cassie Ramone, also of the Babies, drops her debut album The Time Has Come on August 26 via Loglady. Ramone recorded the LP in various apartments in New York and Los Angeles, with Ariel Pink contributing bass on several of the album's tracks.

Price $12

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