Cass McCombs is one of my favorite singer-songwriters of the last years. It all stated with Dropping The Writ and especially Catacombs is one of my favorites records of the last years i listen a lot. This is his 7th record already. As always the first single isn’t an indicator for the quality of the whole record.
This Vinyl version will have a special printed alternate album cover and an extra 7″ containing unreleased tracks and some more extras. Can’t tell you anything more about the music already, but Cass McCombs hasn’t changed a lot in his career. So i assume, if you like what he did before, you will like his new record as well.


The Details

DOMINO MART EXCLUSIVE: Limited edition of 500.
Vinyl jacket printed on Kraft Duplex paper stock by Stumptown Printers featuring:
- alternate album cover
- exclusive 7" containing unreleased tracks
- exclusive 8 pg booklet featuring illustrations and album lyrics
- includes MP3 download card

Price $24

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