A showman in the true sense of the word, B.A. Johnston is a Canadian one man touring machine. For over 10 years he has been relentlessly criss-crossing the country in his mother’s beat up Previa mini-van, playing everywhere from the fanciest dive bars, to the classiest house shows. He has no backing band, but rather his busted up acoustic guitar and an old discman with Casio keyboard preset songs on repeat.

With classic songs like “Deep Fryer in my Bedroom” and his shoplifting saga “How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit In My Pants”, B.A. Johnston is sure to make you think. At his live shows he is known for making fun of audience members and blowing snot rockets from the stage in between the many sing a long songs he offers. It’s really a lot more fun than it sounds.

B.A.’s 2005 album “My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo” is being planned for release on vinyl for the first time to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Mammoth Cave Records is pressing 500 copies, available for pre-order now or pick one up at a live show from the man himself.

The Details

Press: 500

10 year anniversary edition! First time on vinyl, completely remastered and totally amazing.

BA's Masterpiece. Songs of Heartache, Deep fryers and Pirates Looking For Work, on Casio and Guitar. All your favourite B.A. Johnston's songs here.

Price $14.99

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