RIYL: Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, José González, Vashti Bunyan

Label: Asthmatic Kitty

It’s time to strip away all the fluff, over-produced, digitized rigmarole and return to the basis of aestheticism in musicianship. Hence we have the second album from Thousand Oaks, California songwriter Angelo De Augustine called “Swim Inside The Moon”.  Angelo draw a definite influence from Elliott Smith on this album, where as Angelo is even softer in his delivery of the vocals, such as Nick Drake with eclectic melody work to boot. As to the lyrics, he has trouble defining the meaning. “I couldn’t tell you,” says Angelo, though it sounds as if he wished he were able to. He sees his songwriting like arising from a lucid dream: “I get into this place, and then I wake up with a song instead of a dream,” says Angelo, “Maybe I’ll know what it’s about later. Or maybe I knew, and I’ve forgotten.” The dreamlike compositions are available to you on ‘first run’ limited edition bone-colored vinyl (to match the cover art) from Asthmatic Kitty. I emailed the publicist about the amount being pressed, so I’ll update that number when/if I get it.

Angelo just dropped the second song from the album, entitled “Crazy, Stoned and Gone.” Sufjan Stevens animated a stop-motion video for the song, featured below.

Here is a snippet of AK’s interesting write-up about how Angelo came up with this album and his recording process.

Swim Inside the Moon is a record by 24-year-old Angelo De Augustine. This second full-length of Angelo’s career captures a sound he’s been looking for since he started playing music a decade ago.

Shortly after the 2015 release of Spirals of Silence, his first record, Angelo toured extensively but caught whooping cough on the last show of the tour. The illness debilitated Angelo for months. He feared he might permanently lose his voice, or if it came back, it wouldn’t sound the same.

Unable to sing or sometimes even speak, Angelo instead focused on songwriting. “I wasn’t thinking much about making a record,” says Angelo.

This gave Angelo a lot time to focus on songwriting and sound. Although Angelo had previously recorded in studios, he felt like that environment didn’t capture the ambience he wanted for his music.

Angelo’s voice did recover, and this time he set-up his equipment by himself, in his home. In his bathtub.

Angelo’s setup was similarly simple: a Shure SM57 microphone next to the wall of the shower and a cable back to an analog reel-to-reel in his nearby bedroom. He’d hit record, then run quickly to the bathroom with his guitar and sit on the edge of the tub and play and sing. For some songs, he played his mother’s 100-year-old piano in the living room, and on others he added synth and electric guitar. He kept it simple.

Recording the nine songs on Swim Inside the Moon took several months. Because Angelo was using an analog reel-to-reel machine with very little overdubbing, he was always recording live. If something didn’t go as planned, he’d start from scratch each time.

The Details

Swim Inside the Moon, the second full length from Angelo De Augustine.
We’re pressing the first run in 'special' limited edition bone-color vinyl to match the cover art,
which includes illustrations from Angelo.
Catalog: AKR133
Release date: August 25, 2017

LP includes download card with MP3 and FLAC
Emailed download only includes MP3.

Per John for AK: "We’ll be pressing at IRP. This was mastered by Greg Reierson at Rareform Mastering. We’ll be doing 2,000 worldwide for our first run and those will be in bone-color."

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Thanks to John Beeler for the tip!

Price $15

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