British Columbian Crystal Dorval offers up some grandiose gazer pop with an especially heavy psychedelic influence. The description Not Not Fun gives, calling Dorval an “inner-peacenik” and calling her music “experimental therapeutic pop” could just not be more spot-on. I know I seem to keep bringing him up in these pieces I write up, but it seems like this is a female version of White Rainbow. I am in no way saying she’s ripping off of him, but I say that in the fact that she, like Adam Forkner, doles out such a vast experimentation of sound within such a small timeframe – it’s quite commendable! Dorval’s voice is just ethereal and it’s just unbelievable that she did all of this on her own! Check out the intro track “Darkness Turns To Light” below and if you click these words right here, you can hear previews of each of the songs. If you’re interested in buying this piece and live in the EU, click the words in the sentence before this. If you live in the US, click the Buy Now link. Cheers!

The Details

White Poppy, the “experimental therapeutic pop” project from British Columbian inner-peacenik Crystal Dorval, has been evolving fresh forms for a couple years now. Last winter, packing a satchel full of four-track tapes, she ventured out from her bedroom haven and boarded a boat across the Strait of Georgia to the town of Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, to The Noise Floor Recording Studio, to mastermind and mix the ten deluxe, delirious dream-gaze gems comprising her self-titled full-length debut.
Fusing the warm, washed tonalities of her earliest cassette-blurred lotus meditations with a richer range of glittering guitar gestures, sky-way keyboard cascades and neon-violet vocal refractions, White Poppy captures the catchy, dizzy fuzz and textured, opiated heights of Dorval’s deceptively vulnerable songcraft. The see-sawing balance of faded, forlorn freefalling (“Emotional Intelligence,” “Existential Angst”) with buoyant, blissed independence-pop (“Wear Me Away,” “Without Answers”) conjures a real rainbow mood ring three-dimensionality, a kaleidoscope of intimate drifter soul. True-gaze for a newer age.

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