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This particular split release is oneĀ I’ve seen talked about for quite some time across various forums/avenues. It was rumored to the pointĀ where many considered it was just that, a rumor. But here we finally are!

If you’ve followed Sly Vinyl for some time, you’ve definitely seen a posting or two aboutĀ Whirr and/or Nothing. These two bands are definitely spearheading the resurgence ofĀ what we know shoegaze to be in the modern sense of today, both holding a power in their song-craft that stands tried and true as uniquely invigorating in and of itself. Over the last few years, each of theseĀ projectsĀ has been likened to such notable shoegaze acts as Slowdive or even My Bloody Valentine as bands you MUST listen to if your interest was ever piqued by theseĀ giants!

Long story short, if you haven’t heard either band before… here’s a damn good opportunity for you!

Each 12″ comes with 2 new tracks from each band, an etched B-side, and a full-lengthĀ ‘In The Studio’ documentary DVD.

Down below, you’ll findĀ one track from this split entitledĀ July The FourthĀ from Nothing.


The Details

- Any additional items purchased with this release will be not be shipped until on around the release date (11/18/14)
- Digital downloads will not be available until the release date (11/18/14)

Release Information:
The long-anticipated split by WHIRR and NOTHING is in no way a let down to anyone thatā€™s been waiting for it. The two new songs from each band are perfected with the expertise of veteran producer Will Yip. Whirrā€™s signature atmospheric haze enthralls more than ever in what seems like a nine-minute dream. Their masterful control of soundscapes is matched only by an intensity that their shoegazing predecessors could only wish to achieve. Nothingā€™s contribution is a full-on aural assault: the two songs are aggressive, yet harmonious.The ongoing blown-out barrage lulls with only brief periods of quiet melody that hit like armistices. Yet, the songs are harshly beautiful in a way that perfectly captures the Philadelphia bandā€™s definition of reality.

The split 12" comes with an etched b-side as well as a full-length Whirr/Nothing 'In The Studio' documentary DVD.

Vinyl Pressing Information:
500 180g Black
1000 Pink
1000 Baby Blue
1000 Cream/Green Marble
1500 Green/Baby Blue/Yellow Starburst

Price $14

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