What, you missed out on the limited edition of this gem last year?  Fear not, Saint Mare Records, Anteduvia and Noyes Records got yer back! Here’s a 2nd Limited Pressing of 100 Clear Vinyl w/Splatter!!! One look at the wax on this, and I knew I needed it..  We covered the initial pressing back in July, here’s what I had to say about it back then;

Have you ever wondered what My Bloody Valentine would sound like if they had brought the attitude from “Feed Me With Your Kiss” and “You Made Me Realise” into the Loveless-era?  We Need Secrets may very well provide the answer to that riddle!

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Chad Peck is usually found in the indie-rock group Kestrels, but has (secretly?) been toying with this solo-project for a few years now. After releasing a couple of  7″ singles and a demo tape, We Need Secrets is releasing the debut-album “Melancholy and the Archive” on August 19th through Noyes Records. The album is mixed by Ringo Deathstarr’s Elliott Frazier, who also guest appears on the album. The production is crisp, full of surprises, and there are enough swirling, fuzzy guitars in here to make you light headed and dizzy (in a good way).  This one really blew my mind, that’s for sure!

The Limited Clear Vinyl with Splatter version is numbered, limited to 100 copies and comes on 180g of awesome!  You know what to do.




“Gorgeously painted pop…a gigantic sounding secret weapon” – IMPOSE


The Details

Melancholy And The Archive is the first full-length release from Nova Scotia, Canada’s We Need Secrets, the pet project of Chad Peck (Kestrels, Noyes Records). All songs were written, recorded, and performed by Chad, with guest appearances by ANGO, Elliott Frazier (Ringo Deathstarr), Paul Brown (Kestrels), and Omar Husain (Aim Low). Frazier also mixed the LP, which was mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac.

“Melancholy and the Archive” was brought to fruition over a four year period. With this record, we see the full actualization of Chad’s artistic vision. This collection of shoegazey but catchy pop jams fit together perfectly to form a perfect document of the genius of Chad Peck.

For fans of: My Bloody Valentine, Swirlies, Eric’s Trip, Slowdive, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Ringo Deathstarr, Lilys, Starflyer 59, Built To Spill

1. How You Remember
2. Months Like Years
3. I Would Take You Over Me
4. Melancholy
5. Uncommitted Crimes
6. The Archive
7. Pain Lines
8. Auster
9. Sleeper
10. Interiors
11. Cycles

Price $19.99

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