UPDATE: You can get both Union Trade albums for $33 shipped (free shipping for US) from Tricycle’s site, as opposed to $46 through Bandcamp, if you’re looking to purchase both! THANKS DENNIS!!

You may recall San Francisco’s The Union Trade from way back in May of 2013 when we first discovered these guys and posted about the pressing of their debut LP Everyday Including. Since that record, this bunch put out two EPs (Why We Need Night EP Translations Remix EP) before unveiling their sophomore LP, A Place of Long Years.

With 2013’s post came the introduction to these guys for me and probably for the majority of you guys who meander the site here. With that record we discovered a mature post-rock sound that saw building crescendos with elements of shoegaze tossed in the mix unveiling a sonic adventure riddled with walls of sound amid the abundantly beautiful soundscapes.

Now, I haven’t heard any of the tracks outside of the two singles available (Drakes PassageMurmurations; both found below), but with this album it’s been mentioned that there are a few guest additions to include Ann Yu (of Silver Swans) as a vocalist and Nate Blaz (of Geographer) as a cellist. Not known for being a heavy post-rock group, we can expect to see further exploration within this album delving even deeper into the ambient/post-rock/shoegaze sound that these guys seems so attune to.

If you want to get a better idea of who these guys are, beyond the tracks found below, be sure to check out Everyday Including right HERE. You can also still snag that record on vinyl via that same link (limited to 150 copies)!!


“On the one hand The Union Trade are a muscular (but not particularly heavy) post-rock group, on the other they can craft fatalistic shoegaze lullabies anchored by dreamy guitars…” -Matthew Sweeney of Foreign Accents

The Details

The Union Trade “A Place of Long Years” Pre-Order


Release Date: 2/3/2015
Catalog: Tricycle0029
Format: Vinyl / Audio CD / Digital Download

Pre-Orders Now Available:

Limited edition smoky clear vinyl, beautiful matte finish gate fold packaging with free download card. All pre-orders also include an instant download of the two singles “Murmurations” and “Drakes Passage” as well as a custom limited edition poster and ships 1 week before street date. Limited to first 100 pre-orders.

All pre-orders ship on or before January 27th 2015

- See more at: https://www.tricyclerecords.com/product/the-union-trade-a-place-of-long-years/#sthash.DeCCT2Gk.dpuf

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