Like a phoenix from…(ok, I’ll spare you), The Spirit of the Beehive has risen from the punk grave of Philly-favorites, Glocca Morra. Originally released as a limited-run cassette (150 copies) on Ranch Records, The Spirit of the Beehive is finally getting the vinyl treatment it deserves. Ice Age Records calls the band’s self-titled debut “eleven songs of reverb-soaked, droopy, drippy, lethargic, melancholy, fuzzed out post-punk.” Seriously, these guys are awesome. There are three versions of this record; all of the logistics about the various pressings is down below. If you click “Buy Now” it’ll take you to the Ice Age Records web-shop (which has the black and clear vinyl), but if you want the orange pressing make sure to go to the Ranch Records site. If you want all three pressings for $25, you should go here.

The Details

From the band's Facebook page:

yo and hello. today is a good day because it's the day we have our 12"s! so, here's the deal:
1. you can visit our webstore >>>
and buy the record from us but we only have CLASSIC BLACK. if you're like me and love classic things (like Coca-Cola classic and Sprite classic) then this is a good choice for you. >>>
we also have a couple shirts left before we start printing our new ones.
2. you can visit the Ice Age Records store (they've got a smokey hazey clear color, exclusively) at…/803406-ice-age-releases
3. you can visit the RANCHrecords store (they've got a goopy blazey orange color, exclusively) at
we will have a limited amount of orange and clear vinyl to sell AT SHOWS ONLY. if you really want the delicious looking color vinyl then hit up the LABELS because THEY ARE THE REASON THIS RECORD EXISTS.

Price $10

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