Alas! It has been quite sometime since a physical release from Sweden’s finest, The Radio Dept. After having released a single last September, possibly hinting at a possible new direction, Labrador Records confirmed that a brand new EP entitled, “Occupied” is scheduled out on June 16th. There is currently no trace of a single, but I’d go in on a blind buy anytime with Johan Duncanson’s name attached to it. Here’s to more fuzzy buzzy overdrive and warm sleepy vox. Hear past efforts below.

The Details

From FaceBook

"We just received the The Radio Dept. 'Occupied' 12". It's looking great!
Out June 16. 1000 copies world wide. Pre-order here.
12" vinyl:
Digital, iTunes:…/album/occupied-single/id991138567"

The Radio Dept. – Occupied
1. Occupied
2. It looked like heaven (but feels like hell)
3. Down down down – Liminals remix

Price $10

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