Among other genres having a revival, shoegaze is one of them. Many neo-shoegaze bands seem to use mixes that don’t bring out the fuzz and beloved haze, but The Chambermaids did no such thing. Upon my first listen through of Whatever Happened Tomorrow, I heard strong influences of Yo La Tengo, Lush and (I guess this should just be implicit?) My Bloody Valentine. I went to their Facebook page: lo and behold, I was correct on two of my assumptions. Of all the neo-shoegaze (although, the band have tagged themselves as post-shoegaze) bands I’ve come across, The Chambermaids tap in to that original 90s spirit the most. “Post-shoegaze” is probably an accurate term for them because they do introduce elements of good old rock and pop to the shoegaze repertoire… These four could have easily been from the shoegaze hey-day of the late 80s and early 90s. Martha Weir even sounds like an American version of Miki Berenyi. Whatever Happened Tomorrow is a 2013 album that I heartily regret to have overlooked. Beginning to end, this album flows with a debonair consistency. My wallet’s really been taking a beating from all these winter sales for clothing going on right now but I will probably be buying this album when I can gather the funds. Check out Whatever Happened Tomorrow below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Limited Edition 12" LP
Includes immediate download of 9-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

Price $12

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