Just found out that there are still a few copies of this available from Australia’s TYM Records, released a few months back.

After reuniting in 2008 Svervedriver has done a number of shows, but this is the first new material recorded from these guys since 1998. Frontman Adam Franklin has released a lot of great stuff in the meantime both under the moniker “Toshack Highway” and as “Adam Franklin and The Bolts of Melody” (also an album and an EP as “Magnetic Morning” with Interpol’s Sam Fogarino), but now it’s back to the fullblown fuzz of Swervedriver!

The A-side “Deep Wound” really puts the drive back in Swervedriver, and sounds every bit as fresh as anything they released back in the 90’s. B-side “Dub Wound” strips down a bit and plays around the same arrangement. This¬† completes the maintrack, and shows what a clever songwriter/arranger Franklin really is.¬† Great stuff, and as an old Swervie this makes me really look forward to the new album coming out later this year.

You may want to argue with the shoegaze tag on this as it is just as much indie/alternative in the mix, but since this is the scene they were a big part of back in the days, I’ve decided to keep it there for now..

There was initially also 100 red and 200 purple copies of this, but it’s now down to the last batch of these 300 yellow ones. All versions are hand-numbered as well.

The Details

Tym Records is proud to present the first vinyl offering of new material from Swervedriver for 15 years. A limited edition seven inch single, 'Deep Wound' is a classic three minute slice of driving Swerve-rock featuring backing vocals from Ride's Mark Gardener. 'Dub Wound' on the b-side is the same song played with the reels reversed and remixed with a motorik beat to create a spacey, dubby 'krautrock' version. Limited edition YELLOW VINYL.

Price $9

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