Spectres believe that you should make a memorable first impression.  If the gloriously psychotic album art doesn’t do exactly that, then dig their aural onslaught below.  First single Where Flies Sleep kicks the damn door off the hinges, its merciless wall of noise shrieking like Godzilla giving birth to a tornado.  The Bristol-born 4-piece are equal parts post-punk as they are shoegaze, and their guitar layers are drenched in psychedelic mushroom tea.  Good luck trying to pinhole these fellas, yall.  The only thing my ears know for sure is that this is one of the finest, kickassiest debuts they’ve heard in quite some time.

Sonic Cathedral, masterminds behind the insta-sellout Psych For Sore Eyes 7”, have cut 500 copies of this 10-track ferocity to translucent grey vinyl, and I don’t expect it to last too long.  It’s a UK label, so prepare your wallet for higher shipping costs.  If you’re a fan of psych bands, though, you should be used to the extra financial wallop by now, as the majority of the best labels that produce mind-melting psychedelia are UK-based.  That’s the honest truth.  Hey brits, whatever you’re spreading onto your biscuits in the morning…I want a taste.

The Details

Pressed on translucent grey vinyl in a gatefold sleeve.
Comes with a free Bandcamp download in the digital format of your choice.

Thanks to Daniel Bloomfield for the tip!

Price $23.5

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