RIYL: Windy & Carl, loveliescrushing, Majesty Crush

Label: Third Man Records

If you were actively listening in on what Detroit was doing in the 1990s and early 2000s, chances are you had at least heard a handful of tracks from The White Stripes. Chances were even higher that you had heard of The Stooges, The MC5 and a slew of amazing Motown singles from the 60s. At no point did I ever even think to look for a shoegaze scene. Besides Windy & Carl and loveliescrushing, the chances are pretty high that you haven’t either. This is the kind of compilation I f-ing need in my life. If you’re even slightly into the gaze stuff, from dream pop to shoegaze to ambient, you’re gonna need to have it in your life too.

Most distro sites have sold out of this little lady here, but I found some copies on Graywhale. I doubt they last through the evening, so take your shot now if you’re still looking for this. Check out some tracks below as well as a conversation from Third Man Records with some of the folks that helped curate the collection.






The Details

Southeast of Saturn (Deep Space Dark Vinyl And Aqua Wave Vinyl)

Price $29.99

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