SIANspheric spawned in Hamilton, Ontario back in 1994 and are well known within the shoegaze community for their spaced out, dreamy form of experimental shoegaze. I’ve seen their expression referred to as “post-shoegaze” somewhere, a term that fits their sound quite accurately. They rely on a very blissful atmospheric sound, yet not without a disturbance, a sort of “close to the edge” feel to it.

SIANspheric released 3 albums and a couple of EP’s before taking a temporary hiatus in 2000, reforming again in 2006 for a compilation and a 7″. There’s been a rumours going on about a new album for years now, and finally we’re able to enjoy a couple of new tracks in the form of a new 7″. These two tracks fits perfectly into their catalogue, and to me they were never gone.. I’m extremely excited about this, hoping it’s just a taste of what’s to come!

The Owl drops on May 13. through Noyes Records.


This is pressed on 100 Blue Vinyl- and 200 Black Vinyl 7″ (the colour vinyl is only available through Noyes as part of a subscription series, which unfortunately is fully booked at this time..)

The Details

First release in almost a decade from legendary Hamilton shoegaze-space-rock band SIANspheric, and it's on a sweet limited edition 7" single. "The Owl" b/w "Smokin' Richie" is the eighth release in the Noyes Records Singles Series, and features two brand-new songs pulled from recordings over the past five years as the band reemerged from hibernation. Side A is a psychedelic trip through a delayed haze, and the B side is a tender and whispered explosion

Price $6

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