Shoegaze outfit Ringo Deathstarr are priming the sale of wax for their latest LP, entitled Pure Mood. If it has any continuity, then you’ll be treated to a consistent, quasi-experimental, but more like gorgeously obfuscated shoegaze that will audibly coat your ears with lovely, cascading texture after texture, manifested by bassist and vocalist Alex Gehring – one of the genre’s more impressive individuals – and her company of soldiering misfits.


The LP is split into two options  – either a transparent yellow with solid yellow splatter, or a transparent green with solid green splatter. Both are the same quantity, 250, and  will run you at 15£ (that’s 23$) each. Also this run includes 1,000 CD’s. Given Club AC30’s history of well-priced, nicely put together packages, this is a can’t-miss opportunity for any shoegaze fanatic, any curious vinyl enthusiast, or any person with some sort of affliction for noise.


And now, a word from Club AC30 themselves…


The Details

Texan shoegaze pioneers Ringo Deathstarr return with their fifth studio album, ‘Pure Mood’.

"We have never spent as much time on any album before, but it was only a few hours a day maybe 3 times a week...sometimes less. Waiting for the album to be released is the hardest part because we are ready to get out there and show it to the world!" The band eagerly anticipate the release of their next album; rightly so - pensive and pounding, ‘Pure Mood’ oozes all things dank, dark and dreamy. The 12 track LP, to be released in November, presents a vivid and searing collection of songs that re-imagine the shoegaze genre, allowing Ringo Deathstarr to soar beyond their contemporaries.

The aptly named opening track 'Dream Again' is sung by bassist Alex Gehring, whose delicate voice echoes eerily over the spectral, otherworldly chords that pluck underneath. 'Heavy Metal Suicide' & ‘Stare At The Sun’ contain the same cathartic droning that has been previously celebrated by genre forefathers, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Tracks like 'Never' and 'Boys In Heat' plunge the band and listener alike deep into the uncharted sonic depths of unadulterated, decadent sound. Elliott Frazer's vocals accentuate the eruption of noise behind his anthemic lyrics, dipping in and out of brief moments of clarity before bursting back into the manic grit of songs like 'Big Bopper' and 'Frisbee'. There's a daring clash of fury and fragility throughout 'Pure Mood' that demonstrates Ringo Deathstarr are not just reliving a scene, they're re-inventing it with their shattering use of chaotic guitars and haunting voices.

The album is pressed on two formats - LP and CD. The LP has two flavours - a yellow one and a green one (check out the pics). All vinyl formats come with free digital files, and they will all ship a week prior to the official release date of November 20th.

Price $23

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