RIYL: Atlas Sound, Dirty Beaches, Part Time

Label: Fire Talk

After Austin lofi folkgazers Pure X released their 2014 full-length Angel, it appeared that they were dead set on breaking my heart and calling it quits. It would’ve been a short, but incredibly solid run for them. Honestly, their 2011 LP Pleasure is one of my favorite records of that decade, a sublime mixture of dream pop, slowcore and classic folk fed through a scorched amplifier. Think of The Jesus and Mary Chain on hard HARD depressants. You with me now? Anyway, color this boy excited because what was once lost has been found again. Welcome back, Pure X.

Their new self-titled record feels like another evolution in their everchanging sound. Where Pleasure placed the vocal mix in the bleachers to create a murky bedroom pop sound, Angel threw them front row center. Their two new available tracks, Fantasy and Middle America, are a hybrid of those two extremes, a pleasant balance between the melancholic fuzz emitting from the guitars and Jesse Jenkins’ “weary wisdom” vocal delivery. Reminds me alot of J Mascis’ solo material. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

While there will be an indie exclusive version on sky blue wax for the stores, Fire Talk Records also has 300 copies on a beautiful splatter colorway. You can grab the latter after the ‘buy’ link. Check the first two singles out below.

The Details

This album is a guide, it will comfort you through this long bruised twilight. It’s time to leave the fantasy, to play the game.

1st Pressing:
300 Copies: Clear & Blue Splatter
400 Copies: Black
300 Copies: Indie Exclusive Sky Blue (Available at your favorite Indie Record Store)

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Price $19.99

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