After releasing two previous albums on Secretly Canadian, Porcelain Raft (a.k.a. Italian shoegaze maestro¬†Mauro Remiddi) is going it alone and releasing his new EP Half Awake on his own Volcanic Field label. ¬†Remeddi has also chosen to release Half Awake on cassette only, so if you want to grab the physical goods, it’s cassette or nothing.

Remiddi says: “I wanted to go back from where I started, creating a limited edition cassette EP and¬†handmade prints, copying each cassette one by one as I use to do in the early 90s when I had no one that would pay attention to my music, sometimes you have to start from the beginning to see why it’s still worth it.¬†I started recording when I was 14 years old, using a cassette recorder, playing piano, creating fake radio programs. Than at 18 my first proper recording device was a 4 track cassette, so for me cassettes are not a novelty or a format that I just discovered. It‚Äôs always been there, I love that saturated sound, I know that hiss by heart. That hiss makes me feel at home.‚ÄĚ

Included with each cassette is a unique handmade linoleum art print, created by Remiddi himself. You’ve gotta love an artist that pours that much of himself into a release. Grab some multi-media love below before the 100 are gone.

The Details

Limited Edition Cassette + Art Print
Cassette + Print's dimension 9 inches / 12 inches (22.8cm / 30.4cm)
(Acrylic on heavyweight paper)
Cassette includes bonus track
Purchase comes w/ download

Includes digital pre-order of Half Awake EP. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it's released.
shipping out on or around 02 June 2015
edition of 100

Price $12

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