RIYL: Shearwater, Okkervil River, The National (with a jazzy flavor)

Label: Altin Village & Mine

Altin Village & Mine has returned (after a stellar album from Fenster) with a phenomenal release from P.A. Hülsenbeck (Sizarr, Casper, Drangsal) entitled Garden Of Stone. This album seems very personal and something in which you can really get into. Each song is like a painting resembling a moment in time representative of the current dark mood of Phillip Hülsenbeck. Masterfully produced and constructed, Garden Of Stone is a mix of Jonathan Meiburg vocals, Brian Eno’s creativity, and a dark dreary version of Herbie Hancock’s instrumentals, becoming an enjoyably deep and innovative experience. Thanks to Jim Kuhnel from AV&M, we know that this release is limited to 100 orange/clear vinyl but also on black vinyl if that sells out. Here is a bit more behind the album. See the link for the full write up.

P. A.’s voice, much like his image on the album cover, is hidden under each piece. He uses his voice as an instrument that drifts in from somewhere deep, dark, and below. In front, around, above, and underneath swim guitar, synthesizer, koto, saxophone, trumpet, horn, drums, and bass to provide a soft, lush foundation. From somewhere distant, each note carries the gentle scent of tall pines, forgotten cabins, and damp but breezy oceans.

Hülsenbeck’s new album dances the way flesh might, whether it be by serpent or some other body. This is a response to P. A.’s research in the corporeal realm. Beginning in Leipzig, P. A. became engulfed in techniques that explore the relationships between body and mind through exercises in expressive movement improvisation. In other words, he began to dance. And through those physical techniques, he found the philosophy that from now on determines his approach: turn the inside out without question and give it freely to the outside world. A process in which Hülsenbeck routinely finds himself practicing in the distinctive dreamland of Garden Of Stone.

 It is here in this seemingly bleak landscape of hard and nothing that he realizes: he is surrounded by everything he needs–he just has to put the pieces together.

– Altin Village & Mine

The Details

Release Date: November 30th, 2018
Catalog Number: AVM 067

per Jim Kühnel, Limited edition orange/clear vinyl limited to 100 pressings.

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Thanks to Jim for the tip!

Price $16.4

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