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You may have seen the original article we posted for Nothing’s Guilty Of Everything some months back, the article about this album being available for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or maybe even remember mention of it from the Whirr article we posted yesterday… Either way, since this album released, it’s sold a LOT of copies and garnered attention from every direction.

With a tour on the horizon for Nothing, Relapse Records has released a third pressing which includes 2 new variants in an entirely new jacket colorway. You’ve got a choice between the Mailorder exclusive of 300 on Red/Black/Red Striped vinyl or the standard edition from the pressing which is 1700 on Translucent Red vinyl.

If you’ve yet to snag this one, here’s a solid opportunity to change that!!



“Guilty of Everything closes with the album’s confessional title track. “I’ve given up,” Palermo sings. “I’m on my knees… I’m guilty of everything.” It’s a sonic surrender to the void. But in Nothing’s world, giving up all hope can actually lead to nirvana; a release from the prison of fear that the things you dream of attaining or escaping will never be realized. Life is an endless pit of emptiness — nothing, as the band’s name implies — but it’s blissful nonetheless.” – Robin Hilton of NPR

The Details

NOTHING - Guilty Of Everything LP Deluxe
*Red/Black/Red Striped*
LTD to 300 M/O Exclusive


***Exclusively available through***
***Limited to 300 on red/black/red striped vinyl mailorder exclusive. Special pressing housed in red colored jackets. Includes a digital download of the entire album***

Third Press (Red Jackets)
- 1700 x Red Standard Gram
- 300 x Red/Black/Red Striped Standard Gram *Mailorder Exclusive*

Price $17.99

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