RIYL: King Woman, Wild Honey, My Bloody Valentine, No Doubt

Label: The Native Sound

Bay Area’s Kristina Esfandiari is coming straight off her recent EP release, “Doubt” under the guise King Woman. Just before the release of “Doubt” Esfandiari was Miserable, and sporting the happy go lucky EP “Dog Days” released by female fronted art collective, Sad Girls Club.

Esfandiari recently became subject in a viewpoint in SF Weekly, to which she explained the sickening reality of living in a male dominated world and how she’s taking steps to change that.

“Uncontrollable” might be the exact opposite of what Miserable is. Having left the world famous Whirr band, and balancing King Woman and Miserable, it is safe to say Kristina Esfandiari is in full control her of her life.

“Uncontrollable” drops on the 29th of April courtesy of the very good people at The Native Sound. Grip the /150 translucent purple vinyl record while you can.

The gorgeously luscious single “Oven” is available for test tasting on SoundCloud below.

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Translucent Purple vinyl includes a 14-page comic book (5.5" x 8") by Gabriela Espinosa based on the album.

Starter Pack:
- Miserable – Uncontrollable (12")
- Miserable – Halloween Dream (7")

Kristina Esfandiari is Miserable. Based in the Bay Area and the vocalist in King Woman, Kristina writes and performs a brand of moving and evocative music that oozes with nostalgia – and the forthcoming Uncontrollable LP is no different.

Succeeding a string of EPs (Halloween Dream and Dog Days), Uncontrollable follows as Kristina's most complete and nuanced work. Written and recorded over the course of a year, this debut LP is consequentially the most emotional, and quite frankly, saddest release in her history as an artist. Wrestling with insecurities, grief, and the lingering feeling of lack of control, Uncontrollable compiles nine songs drenched with feeling.

Uncontrollable will be released on April 29th, both digitally and on limited edition vinyl.

Stay Cold
Salt Water
Best Friend

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