Blue monday be gone!  Here’s the cure to get the week started on the right foot, the new Medicine album Home Everywhere in a really grand Special Edition!  And what makes this version especially grand is that the bonus album on this edition is Brad Laner’s score to the shoegaze-documentary “Beautiful Noise” on Teal Vinyl!

Medicine kicked my ass back in the days, as one of the US-shoegaze-bands that made a name for themselves in Europe (in a pool of UK-bands like Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, early The Boo Radleys, Chapterhouse, Pale Saints, Moose etc..).   There was always something a bit more edgy about the screaming guitars and production behind their sounds than most of the UK-bands, though!  I’ve shaken a few other shoegaze-bands that were under heavy influence of being born in the nineties, but a few still make up a precious part of my collection. Medicine is most definitely one of the latter!  Their 2013 comeback “To The Happy Few” was just soo pleasing to dig into, and that scorching live-album they dropped earlier this year for RecordStoreDay simply massacred every doubt about their ongoing qualities both as a studio and live-band.

Also, if you’re a fan of the genre, be aware of “Beautiful Noise”! read up on it via IMDB HERE, and check the TRAILER! It  I first heard that Brad Laner would be doing the soundtrack to “Beautiful Noise” a few months ago, and I was hoping for some news on this getting a physical release, as I knew it would be something special. I’ve yet to hear it, as the film has just been screening on a few festivals over the last few months, but I just know it’s the bomb..  I pledged for the movie via Kickstarter a couple of years back myself, and I’m told it will be out on DVD/Blu-Ray pretty soon!

Check out Brad Laner’s whimsy DIY solo-albums via Hometapes as well if you don’t know them yet, some killer stuff for sure!

As of today you can stream Medicine’s “Home Everywhere” album via NPR right HERE!


The Details

CT-212 // Medicine – Home Everywhere Special Edition 2xLP
Release Date: October 28th, 2014

The Special Edition version of the Medicine LP includes Home Everywhere, pressed on purple vinyl, plus a bonus LP: Brad Laner’s score of the Beautiful Noise Documentary pressed on teal vinyl! Limited to 500 copies!

Thanks to Joshua AKA makesoundsnotlove for the tip!

Price $24

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