Huuuge waves of tone-tweaking guitars!  French shoegazers Maria False crushes in on your shore with kick-ass great melodies drenched in tremolo and fuzz. No doubt they’ve been tuning into MBV’s catalogue, but they certainly do manage to bring something fresh to the dish. These guys are on, and manage to keep the tension even when pushing reeeally slow. Their second album “When” is all written, recorded, mixed and performed by the band themselves!  Still growing on me, this one is a treasure for sure. Definitely deserves your attention. Exquisite, bravo!

Released physically on the 10th of May in 300 copies by A Quick One Records (FR)

Maria False


The Details


Album Vinyle 300 exemplaires /// CD

A1. Shadows / A2. Ribbon / A3. Shoot It / A4. Here / B1. Head / B2. Blossom / B3. Sand / B4. When

Vinyle: 15 euros + 8 FREE MP3.
CD : 10 euros + FREE MP3

Maria False dwells in obscurity leaves the recording, like a creature coming out of its cave. Haunting rhythms, acid guitars, incantatory voice... The constant tension is the tone of their music. Their dark side is assumed, and sometimes we'd like to vanish in their cold, shiny and bright reflections...

Price $17

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