The only compilation album I buy on Record Store Day is the Sacred Bones series.  Their roster is damn near flawless.  David f-ing Lynch makes music for Sacred Bones.

Legit?  Yes.  Important? Yes.  Eclectic.  Oh yes.

Lust For Youth is back with their third record on Sacred Bones, and their first track showcases the shimmery New Ordery guitar work from Elias Bender-Rønnenfelt (of Iceage).  If Pretty in Pink‘s Duckie existed in 2014, he would daydream of unrequited love to these guys.  If you’re a fan of mid-80s Cure, Chameleons UK and all of the new wavy romantics from that decade, then this album will pleasure your ears with the greatest of intentions.

The Details

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered white vinyl copies in deluxe packaging, with screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, 8 song cassette tape featuring remixes by Silent Servant, Marshstepper, Helm and more. Wax-sealed, and available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.

Price $25

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