The only compilation album I buy on Record Store Day is the Sacred Bones series.  Their roster is damn near flawless.  David f-ing Lynch makes music for Sacred Bones.

Legit?  Yes.  Important? Yes.  Eclectic.  Oh yes.

Lust For Youth is back with their third¬†record on Sacred Bones, and their first track showcases the shimmery New Ordery guitar work from¬†Elias Bender-R√łnnenfelt (of Iceage). ¬†If Pretty in Pink‘s Duckie¬†existed in 2014, he would daydream of unrequited love to these guys. ¬†If you’re a fan of mid-80s Cure, Chameleons UK and all of the new wavy romantics from that decade, then this album will pleasure¬†your ears¬†with the greatest¬†of intentions.

The Details

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered white vinyl copies in deluxe packaging, with screen-printed wrap-around sleeve, 8 song cassette tape featuring remixes by Silent Servant, Marshstepper, Helm and more. Wax-sealed, and available by mail order only. ONE PER PERSON LIMIT.

Price $25

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