RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse, LSD and the Search for God, The Ecstasy of St. Theresa, Moose, Revolver, Kitchens of Distinction, Curve, Springhouse... you want me to name every shoegaze band ever?

Label: Edamame

What a time to be alive, folks. I’m rather surprised none of my colleagues got to this before me, but hey, it’s here now. Lush, perhaps tied for my favorite shoegaze band with My Bloody Valentine (how cliché, I know), are back and it sounds like they never left us. With the unfortunate suicide of their drummer, Chris Acland (R.I.P.), occurring twenty years ago, I frankly ruled out the idea of the band ever getting back together by the time I got on the train. Emma Anderson went on to form a two-piece, by the name of Sing-Sing, but beyond that I didn’t expect much. Miki sounds older, sure, but the rest of the elements frankly don’t sound like they left the 90s – that is an especially good thing considering the genre in question. If anything, “Out of Control” sounds like a reprise for “Thoughtforms.” Listen to/watch the “Out of Control” music video below via YouTube and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited Edition of 300 only!

Lush have announced details of the release of the Blind Spot EP on Friday 15th April 2016 on their own Edamame Records.

Talking about the recording of the EP, Miki Berenyi commented:

It certainly took sometime to come together, but once we were in the studio, everything came together incredibly quickly. It was great fun!

It's been a long time since I've written Lush lyrics, and I realised early on with this EP that what I wrote about then is not what I feel comfortable writing about now. My perspective, and what is close to my heart, has changed, and I think that's conveyed in the songs.

Bassist Phil King added:

I know I’m biased, but I work for a music magazine and so much of the music I hear played in the office sounds non-descript or derivative. Emma has this way of writing unusual chord changes and manages to weave lovely melodies over the top, and it immediately sounds distinctive, like Lush.

Formed in London in 1988 by childhood friends Emma Anderson and Miki Berenyi, Lush also included Chris Acland on drums and Phil King on bass (originally Steve Rippon, who left in 1990), and were widely acknowledged as one of the pioneers of a sound that was to be christened ‘shoegaze’.

1. Out Of Control
2. Lost Boy
3. Burnham Beeches
4. Rosebud

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