One of my definite favourite finds from 2007 was the debut EP from LSD and the Search for God, which also happened to be the first release by the brilliant label Deep Space Recordings. I remember stumbling across this one and the somewhat similar sounding debut-EP by Ringo Deathstarr at aprx the same time, and to this day they both continue to get some serious spin-time at my place!

I’ve been waiting for almost a decade for a new release by this bunch, and I’m extremely happy to see this one pop up for pre-orders today. Also very excited that they’re releasing it on Deep Space Recordings, as this label always stuck with me as a favourite.

Sonic speaking this bunch provides  some true treated guitar-walls with lush vocals and great melodies below. There’s a certain psychedelic pop-flair to it as well, and for this EP they added the talents of Ryan Lescure of Moonbeams and Ricky Myami, founding member of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

They’ve also been busy touring and recording with the Telescopes over the last years, but they’re finally releasing a follow up to their fantastic debut-EP (which is getting increasingly expensive these days..)

Highly recommended good folks, get it while it’s hot!

The Details

Almost nine years to the day since the release of their first, self-titled EP, LSD and the Search for God dose us once again with their blissful new EP, Heaven Is a Place--out January 15, 2016, on Deep Space Recordings!

In the time between LSD records, the band remained busy writing, recording, and performing, with this EP capturing a snapshot in time soon after the additions of Ryan Lescure and Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre). They've been perfecting their lucid live show up and down the U.S. West Coast and on tours across the U.S. and Canada, including sets at Austin Psych Fest Levitation (2013), Bathysphere (2013) with A Place To Bury Strangers, and Desert Stars Festival (2014) with The Dandy Warhols.

LSD twice toured the U.S. with legendary Creation Records band The Telescopes, with Liszt, Fifield, and Maymi doing double-duty each night, performing as members of both LSD and The Telescopes. This collaboration led to The Telescopes’ recording project in Los Angeles that resulted in two records: the acclaimed EP, Harm (Neon Sigh 2014), and a 7” single, Thrown (Genjing Records 2015).

This is a PRE-ORDER, and will not ship until the FIRST WEEK OF 2016. There is also a limit of ONE COLOR COPY PER PERSON. If you order more than one, your order will be cancelled. Also note that if you order something else with a copy of the EP, it won't ship until January.

Includes heavy jacket, printed inner sleeve, and MP3 download.

[200 Blue / 300 Black]

Price $13

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