Shoegaze fans rejoice; your (secular) prayers have been finally answered. bloweyelashwish, the debut album by lovesliescrushing is finally getting the proper vinyl treatment it deserves. For those who aren’t as familiar with the band, LLC was an Arizona-based ethereal noise ‘shoegaze’ duo comprised of Scott Cortez (Astrobrite) and vocalist Melissa Arpin-Duimstra. The highly influential American, goth/etherial label, Projekt Records, put out the group’s first two albums in the mid-’90s. It’s been over two decades since bloweyelashwish was last in print.

Cortez decided to go the route of the Kickstarter campaign to re-release the beautiful noise he and Melissa had created over twenty years ago. It’s about time that this seminal American shoegaze record be available on the format that it was intended to be released on. Click the “Buy Now” button to be teleported to the Kickstarter page. There’s only 19 days left (as of July 23) in the campaign, so support now before it’s too late!

The Details

“Through their use of low tech means and focusing on the blending of guitar noise and electronic voice processing, Lovesliescrushing can be seen as the early ‘missing link’ between the likes of Slowdive and Fennesz. Their output has been consistently and beautifully crafted… works that contain an element of sonic mystery and still sound timeless. Lovesliescrushing is an important, if perhaps overlooked, point in the timeline of contemporary electronic music.” - Richard Chartier

I have been trying to get this off the ground for several years now, but the timing was never right. Now, after over two decades, we are finally giving the music it's due and releasing it on vinyl. It's my favorite format, and this was always meant to be a vinyl release.

THIS IS A LIMITED EDITION RUN, it will not be going to distributors, so if you want it, this is where it's at. We are giving it to the fans first. If we have a few extra Lps left over, then we may parse them out to only a few select stores. But in all likelihood, they will all be spoken for before that.

We are going back to the original tapes, to master, arrange and band this the way it was intended to be heard, think of this as a directors cut.

We will also utilize the original design elements that were used for the CD and cassette versions to create the album art that we always wanted.

The project will be a lovely vinyl package realized by the folks at gotta groove records and mastered by Paul Berkus of aardvark mastering.

the vinyl will be colored, 150 gram, and in a single jacket, easier to ship. if this campaign goes well, other rewards may be added.

there are several rewards

postcards, signed by the band with personlized messages
limited edition T-shirts
posters, 24 x 36, signed if you wish.
Download code for a special deconstruction remix of the album.
We had several labels interested in putting this out, but thought this time around we would go directly to the fans. So with your help we can achieve our fundraising goal and make this happen.

This marks the beginning of reissuing all lovesliescrushing albums on vinyl, so expect Xuvetyn, Glissceule next and much faster.

Thank you for listening all these years, your continued support and encouragement is greatly appreciated. Feel free to Email me with any questions.

Thanks to Scott Cortez for the tip!

Price $23

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