RIYL: Essential 90's shoegaze/indie-rock

Label: Frontier Records

Truly one of the finest, good people.  An essential piece of moody (post-)shoegaze, and a pioneering album in many ways! Criminally underrated at the time, but has in time become one of the most sought after shoegaze classics of the 90’s.

Lilys‘ second full-length “Eccsame The Photon Band” (1994) toned down the walls of guitars that dominated their debut “In The Presence of Nothing”, and experimented a lot more with the arrangements and production than what was common in the shoegaze-genre at the time. Then again, Lilys has never been the band to look back and rely on their previous efforts, but constantly moving towards new terrains.  Where the debut relied more on the sonic showers of My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver and contemporary gazers of the time, “Eccsame…” brought both tempo and noise down a notch while allowing the production to highlight the moody vibes and exquisite arrangements found within these tunes. In some ways moving more towards dreampop, but the melodies are much more vibrant and potent than most. Sometimes I find them closer to something Pavement could have come up with jamming with DIY wiz-kid Alex G on a rainy day in the studio with Graham Sutton (of Bark Psychosis) behind the mix. I suspect they were also under the influence of experimental post-rock bands that started to appear at the time. Anyway, lots of stuff happening in here. Probably too much for any listener relying solely on any single genre, which was probably much more common back in the early 90’s, and I think partly explains why it wasn’t a huge commercial success back when first released. It never got lost though, but has kept growing in reputation ever since. Luckily!

I urge you to check it out underneath! This is an important piece of independent music-history, and a most valuable album!

I’ve been searching for the vinyl-release of this gem for over a decade, but at prices above 200-250$ I’ve never had the funds to buy it.  Frontier Records recently released this reissue of the album, so here’s your shot at getting it at a decent price. Free US-shipping at that!

The reissue is limited to 500 copies on Ghostly Pale-, and 500 on Plummy Vinyl. There was initially a tri-color splatter available in 200 copies, but these were gone within hours..



The Details

Lilys' etheric second full-length album, Eccsame The Photon Band, has become a shoegaze collector's favorite. Out of print for over twenty years, the highly sought-after, rare first edition vinyl is nearly impossible to come by. This 21st anniversary re-release includes original artwork and has an enhanced dynamic range with the re-ordering of songs. "The Hermit Crab" has been moved and now begins side two, allowing for a deeper cut of side one and therefore increased audio fidelity, creating a more exciting listening experience than previously available. Eccsame The Photon Band has been described as "one of the Lilys' best," "a hallucinatory revelation" and "a masterpiece of mood, atmosphere and production."

Available on LP for $23.

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Price $23

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