This brilliant piece of bedroom pop seemed to come out of nowhere, maybe. I believe it was Elvis Depressedly who had recommended it on his bandcamp page a few months ago, and that was that. Anyway, now asdfasdf is getting a ‘proper’ release via Orchid Tapes. These will go fast. The music itself is completely out-there in the best way possible. I haven’t heard anything quite like it. Katie(?) compresses her voice to hell, forcing it to function as Elizabeth Fraser’s did for Cocteau Twinsasdfasdf is reminiscent of the last three tracks on m b v: They’re spooky, weird, and ethereal, but they also cut you, and boy do you feel it. If that hasn’t sold you, I don’t know what will. Get outta here! Click the “Buy Now” link down below (while you still can). Seriously, they will sell out (I think).

The Details


Ships close to the end of June.

Limited to 140 pale green cassette tapes.
Originally self-released on Bandcamp:

1. don't be scared
2. fear o the dark
3. unkillable
4. h o e
5. all on you
6. y o y o
7. you gotta get up to get up

• Cassette tape
• Logo-stamped tea bag
• Guava candy
• Orchid Tapes sticker
• Hand-written thankyou note


Price $7.5

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