Brooklyn band Heaven’s Gate made their entrance in to the music world with their debut EP High Riser last summer and lucky for you, these scarce 7″s haven’t vanished from mint existence yet. Taking queues from Bikini Kill, Babes in Toyland, and Hole vocalist Jess Paps demolishes each of these succinct (what could be considered) noisy gazer, punk, garage rock and pop ballads. There’s a song on here called “Salome” which could be in reference to David Liebe Hart’s song (I doubt it), Oscar Wilde’s play, John the Baptist’s nemesis or perhaps something else. If you have a time crunch, this EP is definitely your friend – the longest song clocks in at a whopping two minutes and thirty seconds. Pretty soon, we’ll be seeing the band release their debut LP Transmuting this September. Check out this EP below via Spotify and see what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

Debut EP from Brooklyn rippers Heaven's Gate. From start the finish each track cuts straight to the gut; no bullshit, no filler. With strength in brevity we managed to pack seven tracks onto one beautiful 7-inch. Swelling and Squelching guitars, chugging drum patters, thick bass all tied together with Jess Paps growling vocals. It's that last drop of syrup on your pancake plate.

Limited to 200 copies w/ high quality digital Download.

Price $8

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