UPDATE – Sold out.

“Burn the past.  Reset the clocks.”  So says the flourishing post-punk label Tough Love Records on Girls Names’ newest 12″, defined as a symphony in three parts.

Similar to labelmates Communions and Yung, Girls Names embody a long eclectic list of influences, ranging everywhere from synthwave to krautrock to shoegaze to C86.  Zero Triptych twists and turns through menacing b-movie horror synth lines to melodic power pop structures, all drenched in heavily-layered reverb and noise.  Fans of early New Order and Chameleons UK should be right in their wheelhouse with Zero Triptych, and while you’re buying this one, take a look at another preorder from Tough Love HERE.

500 of these will be pressed, but only 150 will be on transparent vinyl.  Like most of Tough Love’s limited product, they won’t last long.

The Details

Limited edition 12" out on 11th May 2015 on Tough Love Records. 150 copies of the transparent vinyl pressing are only available through the Tough Love Shop.

Artwork by Rob Peart

Price $15.65

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