Back to back with another release form a band in Melbourne, Australia! This time with Psychedelic Shoegazers, Flyying Colours – ROYGBIV EP. We’re off to a solid start to humpday in the states, Godbless you Melbourne.

Shelflife will be handling 300 Ruby Pink in the U.S. while AC30 will be handling 300 Purple Rain for U.K.

ROYGBIV is a 5 track EP with the sampling single being, “Not Today.” It opens up like Lord Vishnu sweltering out of  swollen marine layer, glazed shimmering in reverb before grimey bass and drum standardizes the track. Flyying Colours also carry a psych-pop high energy demeanor in their songs.

Overall their tone are both lucid and dreamy paired with dual harmonizing vocals, both male and female. This one’s for those keen on the traditional style of shoegaze, which has definitely grown and expanded within the past 4 years. Judging from their last EP, they’re right back where they left off. Super excited to spin the rest of this! Release date: May 12, 2015

U.K. Purchase Here:

Artwork by: Thomas Russell

Act fast, each EP is only 40$ This will go smoking fast! 😉 April Fools! They are priced perfectly fine.

The Details

Melbourne-based shoegazers Flyying Colours return with a second EP of psychedelic pop textures tempered with sugar-rush melodies. The ROYGBIV EP is out May 12th in the US available on limited 12" vinyl and digital download.

Hailing from a country more synonymous with the beachcombers and the sunshine coast than shoegaze luminaries, Flyying Colours have nonetheless been compared to Lush and Ride, weaving smooth, tactile vocals with coarse textures with finely-crafted songwriting.

True to their name, Flyying Colours unashamedly display their influences on ROYGBIV - tone-bending My Bloody Valentine / Swervedriver guitars, ferocious bass hooks and the familiar soft hush of early 90s dueting vocals. Added to the mix is their own edgy, refreshing pop-mindedness, buoyed by the lush vocal interplay

On "Running Late" guitars overlap, playing seemingly different melodies and rhythms, as the vocals float up from the ether of the background. Hearkening back to the 80s but also at once sounding thoroughly futuristic, there's finely-textured guitar loops and lo-fi delay used to get effect throughout the record. "Not Today" and "Leaks" share the same considerable style and skill: successfully channelling not just Kevin Shield's growling, bending, wall-of-sound guitars, but also Bilinda Butcher's cooing, unintelligible vocals. The album opener "I Don't Want To Let You Down" sports a rolling darkwave groove that's like Joy Division gone psychedelic.

Formed in 2011, Flyying Colours self-titled EP received a considerable amount of attention, which was then backed up by their explosive live shows, setting them well apart from others occupying Melbourne's fledgling shoegaze scene. A follow-up, ROYGBIV is a snapshot of a band reaching for the heavens and finding themselves reflected in at all over the cosmos: a sign of greater things to come.

ROYGBIV is a co-release with Club AC30 in the UK in a limited edition of 600 180 gram 12" copies worldwide with digital download. There will be unique colored vinyl per label -- 300 copies on ruby pink for the US and 300 on purple rain for the UK.

For fans of: Ride, Teenage Fanclub, Swervedriver, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, The Lilys


All copies bought on the AC30 mailorder come with free lossless digital downloads that will unlock on the release date of May 11th. The vinyl is due to come in the week prior to this, however, because of Record Store Day (which creates delays for vinyl manufacture) this is a rough date and there may be delays. Either way, we'll ship them when we get them in.

Price $13

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