*UPDATE – The limited copies are now sold out*

Ducktails began 2013 with “The Flower Lane”, a tweeful, nostalgic full-length that picks up the baton that their ‘Paisley Underground’ predecessors left for them, boasting a knack for easily heard, lazy psych pop.  Domino Records made a really cool deluxe package for “The Flower Lane” which is now sold out, but now you can grab an even rarer EP from the group.  They were listed as ‘sold out’ yesterday, but it appears there are some copies back in stock.  Shipping is a bit stout, but if the Paisley vibrations give you the excitations, pick this one up.  It won’t be around for long.

Translucent white vinyl…Is that just a clever way of saying ‘clear’?

If you’re in the UK, keep an eye out here:
Sold out for now, but you never know…


The Details

- limited edition of 100 copies
- translucent white vinyl
- includes MP3 download card

Price $14

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