Deathwish Inc. has finally unveiled pre-orders for the much talked about, and newest addition to the label, Death of Lovers.

This project came to existence while the bands Whirr and Nothing were touring together in 2013. Each project has garnered it’s own respective reverence over the past years so it was interesting news to fans, of either band, when word spread that they had come together for a collaborative act all of it’s own.

Deathwish doesn’t put out pressing numbers immediately so it’s anybody’s guess which of these 3 variants is the most limited choice. I’ll assume that Opaque Light Blue would be the one though as it’s the only option that’s limited to One Per Customer.

This label is known for it’s dedicated fan base, so if you’re interested in any of these, I’d jump on it!

The Details

Death of Lovers
Buried Under A World Of Roses

Price: $12.00
Death Of Lovers is a new band featuring current members of Whirr and Nothing, formed from a bond members made while touring together in 2013.

Although Death Of Lovers carries qualities of members previously applauded efforts, they carry a shimmer and fuzz all their own. Dreary vocals, slow motion melody, and plodding percussion swirl together to create a crushingly depressing atmosphere. Kicking up the dust of their prominent influences (Joy Division, The Cure, etc) as they explore the fractured depths the of their uniquely haunting sound. A beautifully addictive introduction to their greatness to come.

01. Cold Heaven
02. Shaken
03. Buried Under a World of Roses
04. The Blue of Noon

Price $12

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