So, have you shaken that RSD-hangover yet? Let’s get back to finding those gems that lies beneath, too much greatness to stop diving for pearls!  One of my first write-ups her on Slyvinyl was for the brilliant “Heavenly Choir of Jet Engines”-EP released last year by the french shoegaze-outfit Dead Horse One. Out now is the equally brilliant debut-album “Without Love We Perish”, mixed and produced by Mark Gardener (Ride) in his OX-4-sound studio. Just like the EP this is a solid piece of classic shoegaze that fits right in between our Ride, Telescopes and Swervedriver albums. There’s a clear psychedelic influence shining through (think Brian Jonestown Massacre, Sleepy Sun, Black Angels), and it hits me how much the 90’s shoegaze-scene were actually influenced by the sunny-side of psych-sounds! Can’t believe I never thought of this before… Anyway, check out this album, it’s just absolutely right!


This is pure dead-centre shoegaze, an amalgamation of their roster of heroes that inhabits in the same neighbourhood as more modern fuzz-rockers like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.”   The Sound of Confusion

The Details

DEAD HORSE ONE - Without Love We Perish

Album CD ou Vinyle 300 exemplaires
PRE ODER buy it today and recieve the Vinyl or Cd the 30th April /// PRE COMMANDEZ aujourd'hui le Vinyle ou le CD et recevez le le 30 Avril.

A1. Hopper / A2. I Love My Man / A3. Raven / A4. By My Side / B1. Never Be Your Lover / B2. Undone / B3. Blackwood / B4. Teen / B5. Wicker

CD: 13 euros, Vinyle: 15 euros + 9 FREE MP3.Link sent immediately after payment/// vous recevez un lien pour les MP3 après votre paiement.

Price $20

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