RIYL: Jesus Mary Chain, Spacemen 3, A Place to Bury Strangers

Label: Wrong Way Records

Contrary to popular belief, those frigid cold¬†winds from the north weren’t created by Boreas, Greek god of winter air. ¬†They were propelled from a set of amplifiers somewhere near Minneapolis from a group of gifted saints named Jason Edmonds (Magic Castles), Bennett Johnson¬†and Collin Gorman Weilan (Daughters of the Sun and Dreamweapon) and Ryan Garbes.¬†¬†Together they are Dead Gurus. ¬†Consider it a meeting of the minds with the sole purpose of¬†liquidating all traces of your auditory cortex. ¬†Headphones are not required, but welcomed.

If you dare, listen to first single Starlight Sisters¬†and drown in their cocoon of longitudinal pressure waves. ¬†Then, if you’ve come out of the undertow unharmed, drift through the ‘buy’ portal and preorder a copy of their debut full-length on white vinyl with black haze.

The Details

Limited Edition White with Black Haze Vinyl Album WWR 007

Wrong Way Records are proud to present Dead Gurus, a Minneapolis based cosmic psychedelic offering with affiliations to Magic Castles, Daughters of the Sun and Dreamweapon.

Price $20.82

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