With the sounds reminiscent to the beginning of a tacky and degraded 80s VHS tape, “Take Me Home or I Die Alone” rolls out the red carpet to begin this nearly 10 minute long 7″ put out by Fire Talk, whose Dash Jacket release I plugged in last week. With crisp cymbal fills and deep drum strikes, Cole Furlow’s voice is submerged in the sea of effects that are all too common in the genre of garage rock (Furlow hails from Mississippi, which has become one of a few hotbeds of garage rock that America has to offer), but the way Furlow has it calls upon his possible shoegaze influences as well. If the sections were layered with each other and not separately, this would definitely be thrown in with shoegazing. “Emanuel Can’t Come Close Enough,” the B-Side, seems to elapse the time its given significantly longer with a sleepier and doleful mood portrayed throughout the song. Listen to both songs via the band’s Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

Pour a bucket of swamp water on some intricately crafted garage-psyche jams and listen through a tin can telephone. This is Dead Gaze the handle of Mississippi's favorite son Cole Furlow. These two jams will melt your mind and your heart.

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