Somewhere in the overcast fog of London, there live four young lads with postcards of a paradise far away.  Huntington Beach? Costa Rica?  Baia do Sancho?  It matters not.  It’s a place to bury your feet and your troubles in the sand, a dream of careless lovers, beach bonfires and endless ocean.  Talk to Me, CYMBALS’ newest concoction of disco citrus, is one of their most listenable pop gems to date.  Velvety synths melt into your eardrums as guitar leads soaked in tropical reverb float overhead.

Picture Richard Grieco in a white blazer and a neon green speedo drinking rum out of a coconut, basking in a hot tub in 1988.  He’s giving you the bedroom eyes, and he says he’s got a bottle of Chardonnay and a bowl of strawberries in his hotel room with no one to share it with.  He also mentioned he’s got a couple of limited blue 7”s from a band so perfect that they have to spell their name in capital letters.

Don’t worry… What happens in Baia do Sancho stays in Baia do Sancho.

The Details

CYMBALS - What Eternity
7" (blue vinyl - 100 copies only)
Released: 1st December
A. Talk To Me
B. Innocence

Price $8

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