**update sold out 5.27.2015**

Cruel Summer are a sun-drenched dream pop rock band from San Francisco. Thee Parkside noted Cruel Summer is known as San Fran’s “Jangle Darlings” but there’s actually a lot more color to their sound. They’ve got a multi faceted range when it comes to their spin on alternative rock, mainly on the bed of dream pop & shoegaze but not limited to just fuzzed out breaks. They also successfully strum along the sunny side of chorus washed guitar rhythms. I love the way “Leeches” was mixed and mastered. The drums are both wet and warm, giving off that cloudy and muffled mid thump in a cave sound vs the ultra rich clarity and thickness of most modern percussion. I like the high mids on the guitar as well as a rhythm. Overall I’m reminded of a three way marriage of My Bloody Valentine’s, “Paint A Rainbow EP,” The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Psychocandy” and Marine Girls but with more attitude. Only 65 made of these lathe cuts, and they’re probably at an even lower number seeing as this has been available since last November via Rocinante Records.

The Details

Cruel Summer

'Leeches' Lathe Cut 7"

This single sided, hand shaped and pressed one at a time, individually cut lathe 7" comes with added snaps, crackles, and pops unique to every record. Album artwork printed on a high quality clear transfer. Check out the video on Saturday November 15th On Vice Noisey Here.
Limited Edition of 65 • Crystal Clear Acetate

Price $10

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