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Originally released on vinyl in the fall of 2012, Pasiflora, Constants’ fourth full-length, shows a different side of the band in respect to their past work, revealing a sound heavily influenced by the elements of shoegaze with a retro sensibility.

Now, The Mylene Sheath is very well known for their creative efforts when it comes to Test Presses – even having held contests, via their forums, to formulate a community based artwork. They don’t just archive this stuff, they turn these historical records into further pieces of art!!

Pasiflora‘s Test Press comes with glitter card-stock covers that are painted with a flower to stay true to the original, floral themed artwork. They’re also hand-numbered on the center labels, distinguishing each as #x/10!

The Details

TEST PRESS: Constants - Pasiflora LP

Here's one of our favorite records! We came across this glitter cardstock one day and it jumped right out to us :) We painted a flower on them in a matte black to stay consistent with the floral themed artwork from the originally packaging. These are really neat :)

Price $49.99

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