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Copenhagen foursome Communions don’t even have a full-length yet, but their sound is already refined and immediate. ¬†Surrounded by a heavy industrial scene, Communions are the bright light in the grey sheen from contemporaries¬†like Iceage and Lower. ¬†They have a unique post-punk aesthetic,¬†pummeling their sound with heavy reverb and pounding drums, but their vibe is all dream pop and gleaming atmospheric psychedelia. ¬†They’ve been compared to The Stone Roses and their Manchester counterparts from the late 80s and early 90s, but Communions are evolving with every new 7″ and¬†EP.

The new E.P. reveals a growing interest in driving indie rock. ¬†Out of My World is an irresistible combination of The Cure’s late¬†80s blithe sunny¬†pop with The Strokes’ insta-gratifying hooks from their first few years. ¬†They’re heavy on the effects, but the group clearly isn’t leaning on them. ¬†These tracks could translate easily into an acoustic setting sans studio trickery.

Tough Love Records ain’t a stateside label, folks, so if you want that beautiful baby blue wax, be prepared to shill out a few more nickels and dimes.

The Details

Limited baby blue vinyl pressing - 150 copies only

A1. Forget it's a Dream
A2. Wherever
A3. Restless Hours
B1. Summer's Oath
B2. Out of My World

Price $14.66

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