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Copenhagen foursome Communions don’t even have a full-length yet, but their sound is already refined and immediate.  Surrounded by a heavy industrial scene, Communions are the bright light in the grey sheen from contemporaries like Iceage and Lower.  They have a unique post-punk aesthetic, pummeling their sound with heavy reverb and pounding drums, but their vibe is all dream pop and gleaming atmospheric psychedelia.  They’ve been compared to The Stone Roses and their Manchester counterparts from the late 80s and early 90s, but Communions are evolving with every new 7″ and EP.

The new E.P. reveals a growing interest in driving indie rock.  Out of My World is an irresistible combination of The Cure’s late 80s blithe sunny pop with The Strokes’ insta-gratifying hooks from their first few years.  They’re heavy on the effects, but the group clearly isn’t leaning on them.  These tracks could translate easily into an acoustic setting sans studio trickery.

Tough Love Records ain’t a stateside label, folks, so if you want that beautiful baby blue wax, be prepared to shill out a few more nickels and dimes.

The Details

Limited baby blue vinyl pressing - 150 copies only

A1. Forget it's a Dream
A2. Wherever
A3. Restless Hours
B1. Summer's Oath
B2. Out of My World

Price $14.66

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