Beatsmith/chillwaver Mikey Maramag brings forth a billowy A-Side track “Fade to White,” featuring Emily Reo (a dream pop artist in her own right) and is quite reminiscent of older world artists who combined electronica along with various ethnic instruments (think Deep Forest). With the apt application of percussion and otherworldly woodwinds in his sampling, Maramag creates something that can stand out among his chillwave/beat colleagues. Emily Reo’s vocal work only adds to the fluffy nature of the track – I can’t even tell if she’s even saying anything with the amount of effects backing and drowning her voice out. Suffice it to say, “Fade to White” is quite a lively track and great for the morning. The B-Side, “Letting Go,” features more organic instrumentation, a driving percussion and Maramag on vocals this time. Listen to both tracks below via the Soundcloud and YouTube links and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

As prolific as he wants to be San Francisco's Blackbird Blackbird drops an undeniable gem with the help of Emily Reo. Get lost in the shimmery production and ride a dream boat down a river of bliss. Dig!

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