Damn fine Finnish Psychgaze!  Black Lizard‘s 2nd album “Solarize” dropped this friday, on the very day of the first northern total solar eclipse in what, 50 years and some? Now that’s some good timing!

Their self-titled 2013-debut was a gas, and their new album certainly lives up to the expectations! 90’s UK-vibed tremolo, flanger and fuzz for the win! The bar is set already at the first track “Everything and Nothing”, which makes you wonder what the Soup Dragons would sound like jammin out with Ride and mixed down by Pete Kember (Sonic Boom)!  Second track “Perfect Dope” does indeed bring more of the right references, and the droned, hypnotic side of the band unleashes it’s powers on you. No use putting up a fight, simply let go and slide into the Sauna with a Vodka in hand. I won’t take more of your time explaining what this album is!  Trust me, it’s The Right Stuff!

Limited to 300 copies on Black Vinyl, released via the Finnish label Soliti.

Black Lizard Wax

The Details

Black Lizard: Solarize (Soliti 036)

Available on: Vinyl (cd included) / Digital format

Release date: 20.3.2015


1. Everything And Nothing
2. Perfect Dope
3. Helpless
4. Faith
5. Harmonize
6. All Her Time
7. Heaven In You
8. Waves Hit
9. Shine High

Thanks to Lars Sonic Seime for the tip!

Price $16

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