RIYL: Swervedriver, Catherine Wheel, Chapterhouse

Label: Music On Vinyl

1993 was¬†not the year to put out a shoegaze album.¬† Grunge had taken over UK radio, Brit Pop was beginning to buzz and the press had heard enough reverb pedals to last them a decade.¬† Not even Souvlaki stood a chance.¬† Adorable, without a doubt one of the most overlooked shoegaze groups from that time period, left a classic album in 1993’s wake, a 10-track gleamer packed to the brim with aching pop melodies colliding with incredibly dense walls of noise¬†.¬† Their leadoff single for the album¬†Sunshine Smile was their biggest hit of their short career and a personal favorite of the decade for me.¬† Unreal how¬†fresh that track still sounds.

We’re celebrating the album’s 25th anniversary this year, and with that comes a much needed reissue.¬† OG copies go for $100+.¬† A ton of online distros have sold out of their copies already, but there are still a few in the bunch that have some supply left.¬† There’s no telling how many are still available, so I’d act quick.¬† We’ll continue to update the ‘buy’ link to new distros once they sell out.¬† If you haven’t already, blow your mind on the full album below.

The Details

- 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl
- Including Insert
- 25th Anniversary Edition First Pressing Of 1.500
Individually Numbered Copies On Flaming (Orange & Yellow Mixed) Coloured Vinyl

Price $34.56

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