Norwegian Post Rock! I just stumbled across this debut release a few weeks back. The song ‘Yet We Continue To Build There, The Structure’ was my first listen and get this: it structures around a Charles Manson interview!! Fitting, as it was recorded in a prison camp!! Really wicked stuff. I had to delve further and now I can’t stop listening! Sadly, Norway is the most expensive place to purchase from. Shipping is outrageous. They will also have a unique variant on tour with them so, all you Europeans out there, keep an eye on them!!

The Details

One of our all time favourite norwegian releases, here on 180g. remastered vinyl with a brand new gatefold cover.

"The band have writtten, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered it in the yellow basement prisoncamp.

These sorrowfull hymns were conducted to tape during some cold days in november north of Norway year twothousand-and four."

Price $26

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