When I first started delving into the Post-Rock genre I very quickly discovered this album.  What I love most about this genre is the fact that so much emotion can be conveyed without a single word ever being spoken. Lyrically, this genre is without. If you’ve ever been captured by the likes of Caspian, Mogwai, ITTCT, Mono, or even Explosions in the Sky then this one will serve to continue those moments by captivating you just as thoroughly. Clocking in at just over an hour with only four songs… yes, these songs tell stories that take you on adventures — are you prepared? I think so! Journey on, good fellow!!

Yndi Halda are one of the top post rock bands featured on Last FM clocking in an impressive 1.2 millions plays.

The Details

Yndi Halda : Enjoy Eternal Bliss 2xLP on Burnt Toast Vinyl. 2nd pressing on colored vinyl, 1st LP is purple marbled and 2nd LP is grey marbled.

Price $13

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