No limited vinyl on this one, but does have a limited to 1,000 signed litho. So that being said, not the most exciting pre-order, but still figured it was noteworthy, mainly because Yeah Yeah Yeahs are awesome. My hold up, other than being $40, is that I believe the poster will be the album cover as it’s a 12″x12″ (aka the lp cover). This is  ahold up b/c this cover is disturbing. I mean just the thought of a giant mosquito getting you in the ass as a child is enough to make not want to pre-order, not to mention buy a signed print of that and stare at it on my wall daily. Maybe it’s just me.

The music will be awesome, we all know that, but not sure about this one. Thoughts? Leave Comments below.

The Details

Your choice of ‘Mosquito’ 12″ LP Vinyl Album or Deluxe CD

‘Mosquito’ Deluxe Digital Album

‘Mosquito’ Lithograph (first 1,000 signed)

*Please Note: This item is available for pre-order. Your order will ship on or around April 12, 2013.

Price – $40

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