RIYL: Mind Spiders, Bass Drum of Death, Black Lips

Label: Polyvinyl Records

White Reaper are making a bold statement with this new record, and alluding to the current climate in the US, we can suppose there is a connection by saying they are “The World’s Best American Band”. The guitarist/vocalist Tony Esposito is quoted as answering why; “because are the best… Just like Muhammad Ali was the greatest, you gotta say it out loud for people to believe it.” The band may push the self-fulfilling prophecy that if you believe, so will other people, however, the music speaks for itself. The Gritty sound, strong drums and bass driven melody is more reminiscent of their first album White Reaper, and with more experience under their belt, we get an enjoyable ‘in-your-face’ album produced by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket, Young Widows) that will make you want to drink heavy and dance hard.

From Polyvinyl:

“We didn’t make this record or start this band because we wanted to come across in a single, certain way,” says Esposito. “We just make records that we’d want to hear. We started doing this because it’s fun as hell, just as much now as it was when we were 14.”

Boasting textured melodies, layered guitars and more seasoned lyrics, The World’s Best American Band finds the quartet busting out of the basement sound established on their previous full length (2015’s White Reaper Does It Again) and setting their sights on the arena.

Garnished with glimpses of the golden age of rock and roll, TWBAB is loaded with guitars that scream and gigantic drums in lockstep rhythm, each song packing its own massive, but none the less unique, punch. Lead single “Judy French” struts like a runway model raised on Heavy Metal Parking Lot, while midway point “The Stack” pairs a classic rock shimmy with a flair for glam.

The Details

Early Bird LP + Digital 180-Gram Red Vinyl

Limited to 700.
First Pressing.
Pre-orders will ship on 03/29/2017
Full album download (MP3 and WAV) available 3/31/17.

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Price $17

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