RIYL: blues and soul-inspired rock & roll

Label: Grimtale Records

White Buffalo Woman and Grimtale Records started their relationship in 2012 with a pair of blues-infused numbers that they slapped on a 7″.  That could have been the end of the story for both parties, but that 7″ trickled through the cracks of various vinyl collector forums and music sites, quickly turning it into a highly-coveted (and close to impossible to find) prize for record lovers all over the globe.  Four years and 3 releases later, White Buffalo Woman is back again for a full-length, a first for the band and for Grimtale, which up to this point has only released 7″s.

Fans of blues-centered rock and roll will immediately catch the grooves White Buffalo Woman are laying down.  They throw some vintage soul and r&b into the mix and even sprinkle on a bit of power pop for your sweet tooth.  There’s never been a gimmick with WBW.  They write rock and roll songs and they’re pretty damn good at it.  Hop on the train now before you’re left in the dust.

The sale is at 2:00 PM EST TODAY, May 1st. The hand-painted splatter vinyl copies are limited to a mere 40 copies, and some of them have been sold already in a previous sale.  These will be extremely difficult to get, and considering the time-consuming process these took to make, $36 is a great deal.  If you miss out on those, there will be some other options to cull your addiction.  Regular black copies will run you $17, and a bundle including a white vinyl variant and the black vinyl will cost you $45.

The Details

The May 1st sale at 2pm EST will include the following options:
-Regular (Black) & Variant (White) Bundles
-Regular Copies (Black)
-Hand Done Cover Variant w/ Splatter Vinyl (40 total including those in the pre-sale)

Should be a fun sale, don't miss out. Other than those that got Executive Bundles, tomorrow's sale is the only way to get the hand done cover variant, they are quite amazing, we spent two weekends making them by hand.

Price $36

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